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Azienda: Translated Srl
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Translated is on a mission to make content in all languages accessible to everyone. We are a technology-powered professional translation provider. We partner with over 180 000 professional translators, i.e. about a third of the translator workforce alive today. Our 140 000 clients range from the private person who needs their CV translated to the very big, like Google and Airbnb.

We have invested over 6 000 000 € in R&D in the past years. Our EU H2020 project Matecat produced the translation GUI which allows our translators to edit sentence translations without having to worry about document layout and formatting at all. With ModernMT, another H2020 project which won an accolade from the EU as one of the 3 best projects of the call, we developed our neural adaptive machine translation technology, which is available open-source on Github. Our research papers and more information about our research activity can be found on our website.

We use AI techniques in several places in our platform. Of course, machine translation is our core enabling technology. Beyond that, we use ML to deal with our massive pool of translators: for instance, assigning an incoming translation job to the best qualified translator available is an algorithmic process which uses matches against the translator's job history, as well as past performance. We also need to rank translators for whom we have no performance data: our algorithms produce estimates based on their CVs.

We would like to make progress in a number of different areas which require AI, ML and data science skills:

  • marketing: can we predict predict what customer retention activities work best?
  • NLP: with our millions of translation edits at sentence-level, can we create a linguistically-informed edit distance?
  • low-resource machine translation: out of the 140 languages we process, most have few NLP resources, and translation models have a hard job. How can we improve this, for instance with transfer learning or language similarity?
  • probabilistic modelling: Tensorflow 2.0 supports Edward; can we probabilistically model in our linguistic QA processes, i.e. translation scoring, quality score prediction etc.?
  • information extraction: can we do form-filling to set up translation jobs from email requests? That implies extracting source and target language, count words on documents, understand the domain.

Do you think you can help us with this? If yes, write to us, and we'll build a project for your internship.

Your internship

  • Your mentor will be Sébastien Bratières, our Director of AI.
  • As an intern you will receive a monthly allowance to cover your costs.
  • We will make sure you learn on the job, by helping you find and understand the scientific literature you need.
  • We will build in time for you to write up your internship report.
  • By the end of your internship, you should expect to have learnt about the AI/ML ecosystem, about future career opportunities, learnt how to pitch your project, and much more.

Qualifications and skills

  • master's or PhD degree in relevant STEM discipline: computer science, machine learning, NLP
  • you know relevant libraries and tools (we use the mainstream Python ML/NLP stack)
  • you have several AI/ML/data science projects in your portfolio
  • you have certificates for AI courses, at university or as MOOCs

Benefits and Perks

  • Competitive and exciting work environment. You will be surrounded by innovators and experts working at Pi Campus, a venture fund and startup ecosystem. Great environment to grow your skills.
  • We host regular tech and entrepreneurship talks and events, to which you can take part as a Pi Citizen.
  • Work hard and stay fit. In the campus you'll find a gym, a swimming pool, a personal trainer for spinning, TRX and pilates classes.

Company overview

Translated is widely recognised as the most innovative web-based translation company.

We have received numerous awards for innovation and technology thanks to the cutting-edge technology we develop. We manage over 180 000 translators in 110 countries to provide services to more than 130 000 customers.

We focus on serving large businesses, startup and innovative companies that need to speed-up and automate their globalization processes. Thanks to our innovative approach to language technology, we have been chosen by Google to create new services for flagship products such as YouTube and for the translation of apps published in the Google Play Store. Moreover, corporations like Microsoft, eBay, Airbnb use our technologies and services in their localization processes.

Choose a career at Translated and enjoy an innovative international environment where challenging and interesting work is part of daily life.

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